Changing diapers, of course, is one of the least glamorous aspect of having a baby. But it’s got to be done many times a day, and the right diaper pail can make the job easier, especially if you use cloth diapers. That’s particularly true if you have more than one baby in diapers at a time, whether that means twins or triplets or children close in age.

The type of diaper pail you’ll need depends on whether you’re using cloths diapers or disposables, although some diaper pails can go either way. The standard cloth diaper pail is a sturdy plastic vessel; for soaking cloth diaper before laundering. The typical disposable-diaper pail is also plastic, but it may be rigged with special liners or regular garbage bags that lock in diapers and doors at the twist or flip of a handle.

What’s Available


The best pails for cloth diapers are strong enough to hold a considerable amount of water but also easy to carry, with a comfortable handle and a spout for pouring out soaking solution. If you use cake deodorizers in your cloth diaper pail, store unused amount out of the reach of children. They can be poisonous.


It uses a plastic funeral insert that allows you to twist each diaper into an individual pouch, which forms an odor-blocking seal. You shove the diaper into the funnel, twist the top of the pail to seal the diaper in place, then close the lid. To empty the pail, you open the bottom, pull out a chain of encased diapers, and throw them away.

Our Recommendation

The award winning Ubbi Steel diaper pail is the ultimate diaper sanitation companion. The diaper pail features powder coated rubber and steel seals to lock in odor. No special bag is required with the Ubbi, with the bag holder designed for durability and convenience. It also features an updated cover rim to prevent ripping of the bag. The Ubbi Steel diaper pail has an improved insertion mechanism that prevents the rubber gasket from tipping over. The pail includes child lock features, is tall enough to accommodate fifty diapers, and the oval shape enables it to fit in tight spaces. The pail is a product that exudes innovation, safety and convenience, making it one of the best diaper pails, loved by hundreds of parents.

Price: $79.54

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The Busch Systems Odorless Cloth diaper pail happens to be the only diaper pail that we recommend which is designed specifically for cloth diapers. The innovative carbon filter sucks air in and locks in odor, so you will not have to spray off unwanted smell. Safety features include a slow closing heavy clamp at the top, and two lockable side-handles. The 7 gallon capacity pail is also eco-friendly, being made of completely recyclable plastic. The pail is popular with the eco-friendly moms and dads out there, and the wide opening is also a fan favorite. This product comes highly recommended for parents that prefer cloth diapers and is the only product in the market that meets the requirements.

Price: $47.73

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Probably one of the easiest and most convenient diaper pails around, the Safety 1st Easy Saver incorporates user friendly features with one-hand compatibility. The Safety 1st uses standard waste plastic bags, with the top being designed to make the waste paper cling on. It is also lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds. It is also lead free and is 10 inches wide and 18 inches tall. It locks in odor and requires no twisting or turning while dumping the diaper in. It is a parents’ favorite for its convenience of use, durability and functionality.

Price: $24.99

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It is about time the odor stays locked in the pail. Proven number one in odor control and sanitary standards, the features that make up the Munchkin Step diaper pail are what make parents love this pail. Outstanding features include a step-to-open mechanism that eliminates the need for hand operation, meaning you can use both hands while dumping diapers conveniently. The self-sealing feature is also a winner in terms of maintaining sanitation standards. Other features include a self-filling compatibility system that works with both ring and snap waste bags. It is 27 inches tall and 12 inches wide eliminating the need for frequent emptying.

Price: $64.99

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Features to Consider

Here are some features and qualities to consider that can help you choose one brand or style over another:


Diaper pails typically hold between 24 and 46 diapers, although their capacity decreases as your baby grows into bigger diapers.

Child-resistant lid

Look for a pail with a lid that has a child-resistant locking button or a mechanism that makes it difficult for little people to break in, such as a step pedal opener. If you use cloth diapers, the issue becomes very important because of the liquid involved. Not just any plastic kitchen garbage can will don. You’ll need a cloth-diaper pail with a securely locking lid to prevent your baby and other curious little ones from possible falling in.


If you’re going the cloth route, pick a pail with a pouring lip and comfortable handles.

Ease of use

Some diaper pails require two hands – you have to shove the diaper into the plastic-bag insert, then twist. Others can be operated with one hand or have a hands-free pedal.

Liners or bags

Some pails require special plastic liners, while others use regular garbage bags.